Line Operator

You will work for a well-known production company specialized in the food industry, located in the area of Helmond. This company is a real family business and has grown in to an international organization. In the near future, the company moves to a brand new factory in the area of Venlo. The Line Operator vacancy is a fulltime job. Depending the season, you will work in several shifts. 

Production Employee +

You will work for a producer of chilled pizzas, pasta and rice dishes, sauces and other meals, based near to Helmond. The function of Production Employee concerns a full-time appointment in day-shifts. Depending on the department where you will be working, you should take into account a 2-shift system. 


Reachtruck Driver

You will be working for a modern and big technical company. This is a fulltime job, in 2-shifts. 

Production Worker

You are going to work for a big and well-known vegetable processing company in the area of Helmond. It concerns a fulltime job in several shifts. This means that you have a flexible working attitude. 

Maintenance Mechanic

You will be working at a dynamic, ambitious and professional family company active in the production of vegetables and fruit. The company is based in the area of Helmond. You don’t mind to work in shifts, various working hours and to work on saterday and holidays.