You will work for a producer of frozen pasta in the area of Wijk and Aalburg. Over the years they have become market leader in the Netherlands. As an Operator you will be working fulltime, in 2- or 3-shift. 

Logistics Employee

You will work for one the most famous Dutch companies in the kitchen industry, based in the area of Waalwijk. You will become a direct reinforcement of the logistics team and will work in the warehouse where the customer orders will be prepared for transport. The Logistics Employee vacancy is a fulltime or parttime function, from 24 hours to 40 hours per week.

Reachtruck Driver

You will work for a well-known supermarket organization, located in the area of Oosterhout. The Reachtruck Driver vacancy is a fulltime job (32 tot 40 hours per week) in shifts. As a Reachtruck Driver you will have an independent position within the company, that is why you have a great sense of responsibility.